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Thank you generator

Thank you generator

This task/project started with a simple comment from our team. Mindy (who is the EA to Vivek) shared this comment in one of the internal Google documents.

It was very unusual to get a coding task from Mindy. Usually, whenever I’m assigned a coding task, it is for some customer or any feature I’ve worked on in the past. It sounded interesting and my first plan was to build a command-line tool. It felt it will be better to build something so that she can customize it later. For example, I didn’t want her to ping me again to choose a custom font, size, or color.

The two libraries that really helped me build this solution are text-to-image (library to convert the text to png image) and gifshot (library to create gif animations from a set of images)

Demo Link at – https://sp2hari.com/thankyou-generator/

The webpage has three simple text boxes. The first text box is a comma-separated list of the text which needs to be animated. The second text box is the config for the text-to-image package. The third text box is the config for the gifshot package.

Sample image created using the text “Adios 2020!,Welcome 2021!”
The final image we used in our presentation deck.

The entire code is available at https://github.com/sp2hari/thank-you-generator. It is always fun to build something real, quick and hacky!

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