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One month @ Interviewstreet

One month @ Interviewstreet

One month since I’ve quit IBM.

1 month.. 30 days… 720 hrs…

So, how was the experience as an entrepreneur? How does it feel to work all on my own without a big fat cheque waiting for me on the 1st day of every month? This is my blog and this post is going to be all about me. This is the one place I get to pen down my thoughts. So, you are already warned. Boring content follows. πŸ™‚

How does it feel to work without a manager?
To tell the truth, it’s scary. Very scary. You don’t have anyone to assign you tasks. This is what my friends told me when I quit my job
"me: yes, that way, koyaboo will think that I'm the one who works hard and might give me good rating :P (evil)
N: lol wht rating??!now only you can rate yourself! thts soo cool!"

And it was at that moment than I realized that I have to rate myself and that’s no good. Even if I work for 24 hours a day, I’m going to rate myself as a lazy guy (because I know that’s what I’m). And that’s going to affect me in the long run.

How was it quitting IBM?
It was one the most difficult decision I’ve taken in my life. I know I can get a job any time I want, but I really loved the team I worked with. Made some very good friends and the whole team was fun loving. :-). They play pranks, steal others stuff and bug them till they threaten to complain to managers, play TT the whole day and call each others by nick names ( of course, I invented the names for everyone πŸ˜€ ). So it was really hard quitting now.. 6 months back, I would’ve been a happiest guy to jump out. πŸ™‚

So, how many hours I code for interviewstreet everyday?
Hmm, I sleep for around 6 to 8 hours a day. I code for around 6 hours for interviewstreet, read new technology for around 6 hours and the remaining time just somehow vanishes. Maybe I should start time tracking now.

How does it feel to work without getting a salary every month?
Simply nothing. I’ve been working without a salary for more than 4 years in college and it feels great to work on things you like and learn something new every minute. πŸ™‚


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