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MVP’s Super 10 :-)

MVP’s Super 10 :-)

The summary of the story

startupCount += 10;

Yes, MVP has announced their new batch of 10 startups. To make things more exciting, they have Indus Khaitan in the team.

Things you might know about indus.
1. Chief Technology Officer of SezWho, a Silicon Valley startup
2. 5 bare minimum things a web startup CTO MUST worry about, at bar camp.

Things you might not know about Indus,
1. Only CTO who can whistle in an open auditorium. http://entrypreneur.blogspot.com/2009/05/xtreme-starups-iim-bangalore.html
2. Had the guts to be an entrepreneur after losing his 8 years savings. :O.

And btw, the real heroes of the day, the 10 startups are.

1. Adscoot
2. EasySquareFeet
3 InterviewStreet
4. Naabo
5. Picsean
6. ReachTax
7. RetailVector
8. RobotsAlive
9. Scopial
10. VeriCAR

A picture is worth 1000 words. So this picture should tell you the real story 🙂 Click on the picture for the bigger image 🙂



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