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Love story of a topper …

Love story of a topper …

Well, i am kind of not sure whether i should write this or not. I have never written a blog describing about someone else ,his second girl friend and about their deep love and how she became my girl friend after that. But recently, the tech level of my blog has increased so much that my normal friends don’t even bother to read my blog. Looks like it is too techie for them. So this might be something for them. And yes, if i get a chance to shoot a movie, i will do this one.
Ok , the hero (or rather the villain πŸ˜› ) of the story of is Manas Garg. He is the topper of Computer Science Dept and now is happily working in M$.
First i should tell you that all i am going to tell you is true and only true. I have not modified anything to make the story interesting. It’s just plain facts. I have proof for that which i have added to this post. To make the story more interesting first the proof and then the story.
The following is the chat log between me and manas garg. Not even a single word in that chat log is modified. To make things clear, i have removed what i spoke in between.

Manas: that would be soo cool
i was crazy about her
spent nights with her

Manas: took care of her more than myself then

me: lol πŸ™‚

Manas: i had to leave her gave her to others coz i had to go
i still love her

Manas: i always will

me: ha ha

Manas: one day we will unite again and the world will salute our love

So that’s what he confessed to me today.

Since that girl might feel bad if i tell her name ( actually too many people in our college love her. πŸ˜› In fact i am one in the list . ) . So let us name her X. Hmmm no why X ?? X is for unknown values. I know her and you know her too. So let us name her S.
Now our hero manas, met this girl in second year and he didn’t like her much. She used to give boring work to our villain ( ???? ). So manas never liked her. In fact he hated her so much, that he never wanted seeing her again. But manas, when he first met that girl felt that he could change her and make her better. But this girl was so bad that manas had almost lost hopes πŸ™

// If you want you add a sad song here where just the hero sings something in sad tone all alone. Like

dil ke raste me aisi thokar maine khayi
tute khawab sare aisi mayusi hai chhayi
har khusi ko gaye,jindagi so gaye
tumko jo pyar kiya maine to saja me paye
from Dil Chahta Hai

If you don’t know Hindi, you can imagine this song

kaN paesum vaarthaigaL purivadhillai
kaathirundhaal peN kanivadhillai
oru mugam maRu mugam theriya
kaNNaadi idhayam illai, kadal kai koodi maRaivadhillai

from 7G Rainbow colony

Then suddenly S and manas met more often. Manas also got some people (including me) to help him. Soon he changed S. It was magic. This stupid girl who is not useful for anything suddenly became the hot topic in college.

// A duet song here will be fine. Don’t worry we will make manas dance when i shoot this movie πŸ˜‰ . Songs like the following will be fine

jise dhundata hoon main har kahin
jo nahi mili mujhe thi kahin
mujhe jiske pyar par ho yakin
wo ladki hai kahan
jise sirf mujhse hi pyar ho
jo ye kehne ko bhi taiyaar ho
suno tumhi mere dildaar ho
wo ladki hai kahan
From Dil Chahta Hai


Sutrum vizhi sudare
Sutrum vizhi sudare
En lagam unnai sutruthe
Sattai payyil un panam
Thottu thottu urasa
En idhayam patri kolluthey
Un vizhiyil vizhunden
Vinveliyil paranthen
Kanvizhithu soppanam kanden
Unnale kanvizhithu soppanam kanden
From Ghajini

After she changed, manas loved her more and more. He forgot about his studies. He forgot about his room, friends and almost everything. All cared only about her and sometimes was ready to do anything for her.
But a sad thing happened. I was a good friend of both manas (thanks to Spider) and her. I knew manas was in love with her, but even i started liking her. So much that sometimes i was ready to give anything for her. :-). Now i don’t know who loved her more since it is not possible to compare. Soon manas came to know that i had a crush over her. I though he will be angry with me πŸ˜› but he didn’t say anything.
Though me and manas were good friends, last semester we were really fighting for her. We gave her so much importance but we forgot about everything else.
And on Spider’s Farewell day, just some few minutes before the end of the party, she proposed me πŸ˜› . It was kind of strange, coz others started clapping and all when she did that. I was actually blushing. I knew that was going to happen but i never that it will happen during the farewell. And actually even manas was there when she proposed me. He was very sad that day. πŸ˜› Anyway the party mood made him forget about that. πŸ˜›
Now that manas is gone, she is all mine.Unfortunately, now more and more people are getting really really interested in her, though as of now, i think i am the only person mad about her.

Note ::
If you have found out who she is, just say that so. You need not tell her name. πŸ˜›
Also there is another interesting story πŸ˜› by suren . Check it here


  1. -->suren<--

    cha mokka.. it was very obvious of what u r talking about !!!
    And that too S instead of X, cha and for this only u asked two tamil songs from me aah ???
    i expected a love story but not this :p

    anyway nice for a change

  2. Harishankaran

    @manas : you need not say anything :P. Just practice to dance. That should be fine :P.
    And i don’t think that story will be news to people @ Google. They already know about you, right ? πŸ˜‰

  3. Maruti

    eeeeee……… so this is why you were asking songs….. ok ok……. nice use :)….. although it is very obvious for some people but hhhhmmmm……. enjoying…. cheers!!!!!!!!!

  4. lavanya

    lol, first thinkinh of manas and girl, lol i my guesses kept changing and after sometime came with the definite answer.. lol πŸ™‚ So many ppl after her :)The gal most famous :_)

  5. Anonymous

    lol πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Nice love story….
    Introducing manas earlier in the story was a flop, u gave a direct hint earlier who “she” is πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Well, let’s say she is the talk of the College now..
    let me tell u a secret too, there r many “boys” madly in love with her right now so u better treat her well πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

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