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I’m interested

I’m interested

Do you know that when you use caps or large font while chatting or in mail, it implies that you are shouting.
I generally get irritated when people shout, but this one is an exception. I was really glad that he shouted. In fact, i was waiting for him to shout. Now that he is with us, nothing can stop us. 🙂
Disclaimer :: Sorry. This blog post is only for me. If you don’t get anything, just forget about this and move to the next post.
If you are still curious about this post, hack my gmail 😉


  1. -->suren<--


    i dont see anyone shouting there..
    I is always written in caps

    and now that who is interested , so that none can stop u as though some one stopped u ever before 😛

  2. Harishankaran

    @taggy stop shouting, people will think you are mad

    @suren, i mentioned large font . That is what that mail had. The font was huuuuuge.

    And read the disclaimer for the rest of the questions.

  3. Harishankaran

    well read the post again. It says

    “I was really glad that he shouted”
    Ok and now don’t start any new crap again. That “I am interested” thing is a top secret. If you wann to know you can hack my gmail account. 😛

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