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Conquered solaris ….

Conquered solaris ….

Got up at 4 PM :-). Yes 4 PM. Yesterday after finding out that my Ethernet card had some arbit problem, planned to buy a new one. But felt like checking my Ethernet card for the last time. Went to my friend’s place and checked my Ethernet and it worked there :-(. I was both happy and sad. Happy because my Ethernet is working, no need to buy another one and sad because now i don’t even know what is the problem with my computer. Anyway i got another Ethernet card from my friend’s computer (of course after promising her a treat).

First checked the computer with her Ethernet card. Internet worked both in Solaris and Windows. WOW 🙂 . Now again, i checked again with my Ethernet card and WOW WOW WOW, it connected to Internet from all three OS. Now what is happening here ??? Yesterday i spent more than 7 hours trying to make this card work and now this is working out of box within 5 mins. And as such i did the same thing what i did previous night. Looks like you can never try to reason out few things.
Anyway now i am in Solaris and it is cool. First had to install new softwares. Taggy gave me the this link. And this one was also very useful. So within a matter of 5 mins, i installed most of the softwares i might need.

As such i had three main things to do in Solaris according to the mail Emily Chen sent me. They are

1. Read about tinderbox setup from http://www.mozilla.org/projects/tinderbox/ .

2. Sun Studio 11
On Solaris, Sun Studio is used to build Firefox, not gcc, so have to install Sun Studio.

3. Set up CBE (Common Build Environment)

Now my goals were very clear. And internet from Solaris was working cool, just thought of downloading everything then, but Sun Studio was around 300 MB and already my internet bills have reached peak. So had to wait till 11 PM ( 11PM to 9 AM free internet :P) .

Started downloading at 11. 15 . OMG. It started at 7KBs and said it is gonna take 24 hrs :-(. Now i can’t do anything to this. Have to sit and wait 😛 . When i am writing this blog (ie 8 AM), it says only 5 hrs left.
Still network configuration has few glitches. I have to enter the DNS entries every time i reboot the system. And even though i have configured it to activate on boot, the Ethernet card has to manually activated after every time. This is strange since, i have a file called hostname.rtls0 in / (which should activate the Ethernet card on boot )

Yesterday Solaris had me. It made me frust to the core. It made me raise doubts about whether i will be able to finish SOC on time. But today is my day. I conquered 😛 solaris. In fact now that Solaris phobia is slowly disappearing. Now it is time to say Hello World to Tinderbox :P.

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