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networking not working :P…

networking not working :P…

I have got a new phobia. Solaris phobia :P. lol.
Well how easy solaris can ruin one whole night. Though i shouldn’t blame Solaris completely but at least it deserves something for troubling me with DNS thing sometime back .

Anyway here comes the story. After discussing with Casanova about tinderbox i realized that setting up tinderbox is an important issue. So i was all set to start with tinderbox setup. But looks like fate had other plans. Anyway after discussing with Casanova ( at around 10 pm ), soon started working into tinderbox.
But once i booted into Solaris and went to Google.com, it said “Could Not Connect”. Since i have seen this error many a times already, i just went to the network manager and found all my previous entries missing there :P. Nothing unusual actually. So entered the values again and restarted networking. Now again the same old error. Since i have already configured DNS once and connected to internet from solaris, i thought the same settings will work this time also.
But noticed something strange. This time it won’t even ping to my DNS or Gateway. Well this is certainly strange. I called taggy (solaris club head :P) and explained him the situation. He gave a few solutions and i tried some other things which i found in internet. The bad part about networking not working is that even to Google or download something, you need to reboot πŸ™ “Life is too short for reboots” they used to say.
Anyway now the time was 12 . Shit. Two hours gone and still no progress. Had a idea of going back to Firefox test cases but NO. I have to work with Tinderbox and i will do it tonight. So read manuals from here and there about configuration and tried everything given there :(. No luck. Though internet seems to work from windows and Linux.
Now one unfortunate thing is i have two Ethernet cards ( Realtek and VIA). Solaris detects only Realtek , so i use that for Solaris while i use VIA for Linux and Windows. Just then it realized. Is the Realtek Ethernet card working ??? What if that has the problem ??
So one more reboot. Configured the Realtek card to connect to internet. Widows detected the card, LAN enabled but internet was not working. Same problem as i had in solaris. SHIT SHIT SHIT. So finally my Ethernet card has some problem :-(. The strange thing is, it detects my card and all, but just that it wont send/receive anything through the card. Strange problem, but why to me πŸ™ πŸ™
After realizing the problem (well time is 3 am now), i thought of finding the driver for the VIA Ethernet card, and managed to download a driver. A reboot back to Solaris, i realized that i don’t even have a gcc to compile the driver. Downloaded gcc and finally now it is 5 am πŸ™
I am NOT going to try installing the driver for VIA Ethernet card. I am getting frustrated , irritated and what not,when i see a reboot. A 60-75 reboots in a span of 7 hours is not something really exciting and motivating :(. So all i am gonna do is to check this Ethernet card in friends place and get a new one.
Finally when i wrote this blog it is 5 AM. From 10 PM to 5 AM, no progress at all. All i found out is my Ethernet card might not be working πŸ™ πŸ™ . Not even a single line of Code in 7 hrs of real hard working :-(, actually not even a single word of code πŸ˜› .
A nightout is nothing new for me, but this time i really felt the pain of one whole night completely wasted :(.
Now all i hope is my Ethernet card should have a problem, so that i can get another one soon and start with my work. Only God can save me if it was not an Ethernet problem :P.


  1. Sindhu


    so sorry to hear about the all night woes. happens. when not a single thing seems right, 200km per hour in the long wrong lane maybe …lol

    anyway, you have a nice blog πŸ™‚ am happy i stumbled here.

    kepp writing.


  2. taggy

    so you finally got it working ?? .
    if not i would be glad to help you by coming to your house πŸ™‚ jus that i charge a mere 100$ πŸ™‚ or better a sivaji ticket ! .

  3. -->suren<--

    you are very paavam πŸ™
    sorry for that

    70 reboots in total of 7 hrs..
    I guess you should think of note it down next time . maybe you can get a guiness record or something :p

  4. Harishankaran

    @sindhu : thanks, πŸ™‚

    @taggy : not yet, will try something tonight. Hopefully something should work tonight.

    @suren : sure da, with solaris, looks like i will beat every other record. Paavam my computer πŸ™

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