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The Little Prince

The Little Prince

This book was recommended by Manas & Geetanjali as a part of our monthly book we read. In fact, the fact that this is just a small book made it easier to finish in one sitting. For anyone reading the book, I would recommend reading this book from physical book or e-book. I missed some of the key parts of the books, especially the drawings made for the little prince by the author.This is the fictional book I’ve read in a long long time. Don’t remember reading any fictional work in the last 4-5 years.

My key takeaways from the book.

  1. The lamplighter on the small planet has the most impact on me. This is a lamp lighter on a planet, who was given the orders to put out the lamp every morning and light the lamp every evening. He can free time in between the morning and evening. But over the period of time, the planet started turning more rapidly and orders haven’t changed yet. Now, the planet makes a complete turn in a minute. So, he ends up turning on and off the lamp every 30 seconds. At least, I started wondering what the orders I’m following and I’ve given to others which hasn’t changed yet.
  2. Every single planet the little prince visited was exciting. In fact, among all the planets I found earth to the most boring planet of all. Every other planet had an interesting character, something to learn from on what to do or what not to do.
  3. I loved the consistency and curiosity of the little prince. The prince never stopping asking the question and always spoke about the same way about raking all the three volcanoes (even the dormant ones, because you never know)
  4. The most important lesson from the book is what makes something special. The rose is special mainly because of the amount of time and effort we spend on the important things. Important things can’t be seen eyes. You can feel them through the heart.
  5. In trains (and in life), people constantly rush from one place to another and never satisfied with where they were. Only children seem to even bothered to look out of the windows. Gives a glimpse of how we live our life chasing one thing after another.

In case if you plan to read online, found this PDF version.

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