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Spider SMS up and running

Spider SMS up and running

Hope the banner speaks the whole stuff. The spider sms is up and running .

When i started the work , thought the work will be easy and will be done in a two or three days but 🙁 so many seg faults ( though i have seen more seg faults in my ldtp work ) and handling mysql queries from C literally rapped me . 🙁 . The work took a long time more than i expected that i had to give the work to spider juniors also . Finally the work is done now . Hereafter we will have a few modifications here and there to make the system work better.

So how does the spider sms work . Hope the following explains everything

Well , now that spider sms server is working fine , ( with a few glitches here and there ) , one can access the time tables , his/her bunk scores and many other nice features using their mob ( for free of course ).

I am happy that i took up this work and finished it ( though is was manas’s idea ) . Had a good experience working with juniors . Had to make sure that they are happy with the work they do , that the work is being done , that they get to learn new stuff and of course that they feel that the work is fun etc etc . This is the first work in spider done as a team . All other work are individual efforts . Working in a spider team is as usual FUN .

Now no need to run to the bit room ( next roomie ) to find out the first class. I can as well use spider for this job ;-).

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