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Ask me one question
Will RECORD work perfectly ???
I will never say YES πŸ™‚
The milestones in development of record are
=>Totally screwed up first demo .
=>Blasting review by varadhan after the first demo πŸ™ where we had no answer for any of his questions πŸ™
=>Partial output in the next demo .

And finally there is one soul which says record is working fine and in fact mentioned that it is a great job πŸ˜›

“”” nags, sp2hari, taggy: till now, the record works very perfect! what a great job! “””

I still think lavi is lying πŸ™‚

We have no clue how it worked .
We were expecting a lot of feedback like this πŸ˜›
1. Hey it gave a seg fault
2. My comp hanged , i had to reboot again
3. I had to kill at-spi-registry (varadhan wont accept this i suppose ) to stop recording
4. Hey i got a empty python file ,
and lots and lots

All the above things happened when we showed a demo to Dr. Harinath . Surely that might have been one of the worst demo in NOVELL history πŸ˜›

But varadhan said a first demo is always likely to fail and asked us to make lots of changes within two days .

Second demo went fine with no major issues . except for the compose message πŸ™ .

We know where the bugs are in the current record script . Luckily lavi did not notice them now i think .
I am sure soon he will file a bug against the recording πŸ™‚ .

Ok hope this is enough for now . Have to get ready for the bugs :P. Got to check it in ubuntu πŸ™‚
Here taggy is asking me how record worked fine ??? . He is pretty sure that it will fail and he is surprised to see the record work fine πŸ˜›

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