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My Final Demo

My Final Demo

Well , this is something which i should have blogged the moment after we finished the demo to parag but that day i have been quite busy packing things , travelling from blore to chennai and then to trichy

The demo went fine , and all the details can be read from taggy’s blog. I am not going to write how the demo went , rather what i felt during that time.

Well , as usual i came late that day at around 11 , and taggy told me that parag already came twice asking for a demo .
All i could think Oh My GOD, what a start !!! 😛
Then we called parag for the demo and he asked us to show compose mail with an attachement. Of course taggy was showing the demo and i was explaning . I never knew i had a demo phobia but after the “WONDERFUL” first demo , certainly i realised that i am bad (in fact too bad ) in demos.

To make things worse , parag edited the python file and made the file attachement choose a different file . All i was thinking is about varadhan’s warning about 200% ( he made a math mistake there , there is nothing like 200% :P) sure about the thing to work , threatened to throw us out of window if record did not work ( though he was not serious or was he? ) , and what not .

Somehow we recorded and had the script in front of us in the shell while discussing things with parag. I checked the script line by line and did a small playback in my mind. I was not able to do this and answer parag at the same time. Then parag asked us about the playback :O

Well it did take sometime for the log and and otherstuff , and since we had a time delay of 1 in our shell , things were a bit slow , it took some 5 seconds to open the compose box and i think i almost skipped my beat at that time :O. But the playback was perfect and parag mentioned that looked real neat :).

Then he asked us a few questions and gave us a few pointers to work upon 🙂 . The same day we got a evolution jacket from parag and were working on improvements in the recording.

The old saying goes “All is well that ends well “. So a great demo , a nice jacket and above all , a working record script — certainly i cannot ask for more 🙂

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