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I am still alive

I am still alive

That’s true. My last post was exactly 3 months ago and I’ve posted only 2 posts in the last 6 months, but I’m alive. Lots and lots of new stuff has happened during these 6 months. Things which took up all my time and didn’t even let me think about blogging. Probably this is what happens, when you do something you love.

Interviewstreet.com, the online platform to attend mock interviews from expert professionals and practice tests is shaping up very well. What I’ve learnt in the past 6 months is huge and impressive. I still have lots to learn and goals to reach. And I’m very sure I’ll reach it sooner.

Quick updates on what happened in the last 6 months (in no particular order)

1. Interviewstreet’s very first newsletter.

Don’t know why it took us 6 months to come up with a newsletter. Probably, we were waiting for the right time, design and content (also called as procrastinating). But from now on, you’ll get our newsletter on the first week of every month.

You can checkout our newsletter here. In this newsletter, you can check out what’s new in the job market, our special interview with kavya from microsoft, more updates from interviewstreet and a cool puzzle which has some exciting prizes to grab.

I should thank Geetanjali, Manas, Lavanya, and Ajitha here. The time and effort they put in to make our newsletter better was priceless.

2. Articles.

Our articles section has grown by leaps and bounds. Many thanks to all the content writes who made this possible. The quality of the articles is wonderful. We are looking for more content writers who want to contribute to our articles section. If you are interested, contact me at hari at inteviewstreet.com

3. Online recruitment software

This is still under the hoods and we haven’t released for it public yet. But it’s always exciting to share a feature which is yet to be released. We have created an awesome tool to help you recruit “good” people. Don’t waste your time interviewing people who can’t even clear the first level.

Shared some of the screenshots here.. This is currently used by a few startups to make their hiring process efficient. Again, if you want to check it out, drop me a mail.

Interviewstreet Recruitment Software

Interviewstreet Recruitment Software

4. Topcoder

Finally managed to reach Div 1 in TC. It shouldn’t have taken this long. But better late than never. 🙂

5. Trips

Going to KVC college this Wednesday for a one-day session on how to crack interviews, algorithm puzzles. It’s going to be fun and it’s always exciting to meet new people. Going to Bangalore to meet my friends this weekend. Kind of excited to meet everyone there. 🙂

6. Knowledge

In the last few months, I’ve worked on SEO, Smarty, Jetty, Solr, Site Speed Optimizations, JQuery, Selenium, Django, and more stuff I can’t even remember now. As always, it feels awesome to learn something new. 🙂


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