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Allergic to Allergy test :(

Allergic to Allergy test :(

Met a doctor for my sinus problem few days back. He said that a small surgery has to be done, but even before that he wanted to me to take an allergy test so that he can find what all things i am allergic too.

All he said was that they will do something to your hand . With my very little biology knowledge ( actually i managed to pass my 12th bio ), i assumed that they will test whether dust is allergic to me ( coz that’s the only allergic agent i could remember at that time ) . I assumed that they are gonna put some dust in my hand and somehow test whether i am allergic to that .

But the lady in the lab had different plans . She took 5 syringes . I was really sorry for the person who is gonna have those injected . I never liked injections , just because you know it is gonna pain and no way you can stop that 🙁 .

That lady took a box which had around 50 small small bottles and asked me to show my hand. Now i realised that one of the injections among the 5 she had was for me . Ok i had no other option now . I cant run away from the lab saying i hate them . Anyway they looked small , so i was OK with them 🙂

34 bottles in the box she had were arranged properly as 8 , 8, 5, 5, 8 in each row . The rest of them were scattered . There was strange feeling that she is gonna inject them all to me , but thought she will mix everthing and give it in one single injection.

To my horror, she used the first syringe to inject medicines from the 8 bottles from the first row one by one . At the end of 8 injections ( within 45 seconds ) i thought it is going to be over and i can leave.

But no , she opened the next syringe and started with the next row. I was kind of shocked now and the slightest thought of all 5 syringes injected to me almost gave me an heart attack . But i thought no one will be cruel enough to do that and after the second row ( that makes 16 injections ) , she will let me go.

I almost fainted when she opened the third syringe. I stopped her and asked whether she is going to inject all these . She said “YES”.

Finally she was kind of enough to reduce the number of injections by 2 ( thank god i did not have dog in my house , so those test is not required it seems )

Within 3 minutes , 32 injections. That is really a record for me . Finally realised what an allergy test is ( my bio knowledge atleast improved ) . 🙁

Note :: It might be funny when you read this , but if you are gonna take an allergy test , certainly it wont be that much fun . So stop laughing and get back to work 🙂 .

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