I see, learn and rediscover… everyday!


Finally installed Windows in my laptop. 🙂
No more kela configuring wifi and other things. If things work automatically in windows, why bang my head so much to make them work in Linux.
Can use Office 2007. Don’t know why, but every time i use Office 2007, the urge to install windows increases. I don’t mind calling it the best software in Windows, which is done thinking only about the end users. 🙂
No more trouble in finding the proper device driver for my monitor.
Realized that software development can be done in Windows environment also. 🙂 Will have to see what i can do useful in Windows. First have to read more about command prompt. Looks like it has more features than i expected.

And yeah, I haven’t removed Linux yet. I don’t think I’ll do that within one or two years 🙂

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