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Two stories :)

Two stories :)

This is my blog and i have all rights to crap here . This blog may appear as total crap for few, may mean more to few . I really don’t care what you are gonna think about me after you read this .

Read the following two stories

Story 1
Once upon a time , there was a crow and a fox . Both of them were hungry and the crow somehow managed to steal a vada from a paatti . It flew to a near by tree and planned to eat it there . This fox was very cunning and planned to steal the vada from the crow . It said all nice nice things about the crow and asked it to sing a song . The crow started singing kaka and the vada fell down . Fox ate the vada and ran away .

Moral of the story
Dont bring the vada outside the canteen and don’t sing while eating a vada.

Story 2
Once upon a time there lived a crow . It was very thirsty . It searched for a water everywhere but could not find water anywhere . Finally it found a pot with very little water . But the water level was too low for it to reach . But this was a clever crow and saw pebbles lying around the pot. It dropped these pebbles into the pot one by one and slowly the water level rose. The crow drank water and flew away happily

Moral of the story
Dont know 🙂

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