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Three principles

Three principles

Meaning of Life

This is something I (and I’m sure many others) have been pondering for many years. We all already know the answer to the question for “The answer to life, meaning, and everything”. It is 42. But what I’ve been pondering is the answer to MY life, meaning and everything. And to make things worse, I find myself asking these life-defining questions a lot more during COVID-19 lockdown. Finally, a simple image I saw over the social media explained it all to me in the best possible way

Bring your whole self

An interesting concept I picked up after reading the book Radical Candor. Before that, I actually put in a lot of effort to maintain two versions of myself. In fact, I used to chat with some colleagues over Slack for official purposes and over Whatsapp for personal reasons (sometimes at the same time). It was super weird to have two parallel conversations with the same person, one over slack about the upcoming tasks and one over Whatsapp to check if their parents are feeling better.

Preeti from our people team explains this concept is a much better way than I can ever do.


This is an interesting concept. Three really good books I’ve read so far helped me understand more about death so far than anything else. There is no way I can explain all the great ideas and concepts I’ve read from the following three books, the one-line summary might be that one doesn’t have to wait for death, fear about death, but be prepared for the same. Thinking about death brings in a lot more clarity and perspective about one’s own life.

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