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Three Matches…

Three Matches…

There are very few things which happens around us which I guess we’ll never forget. And fortunately or unfortunately, I do remember a lot of things. Lots and lots that sometimes even I’m surprised. I can remember many many things which happened, say even from my 6th standard (things we study for exams never come under this category I suppose :P).

Now that topcoder is a part and parcel of my life, I was wondering what are the topcoder matches which I can never forget. I can remember almost all the screw ups I did in the topcoder matches.

Like instead of calling memset function as “int a[10]; memset (a, 0, sizeof(a));”, calling it as “int a[10]; memset (a, 0, 10);”, because the example I tried it first was with chars and there is no need to add sizeof(int) or sizeof(float) factor doesn’t need to be added.
Like deleting a line of code while removing the debug statements.
Like trying a greedy when it was begging for a simple dp solution.

Anyway, when I look back, there are only 3 topcoder matches I can never ever forget. And strangely, I haven’t solved a single problem in all these three matches. All three matches were unique and strange in their own. ๐Ÿ™‚

First one happened an year back. I registered for this contest. Even got up early and went to play this match. Was in front of the contest applet the whole time and saw the contest timer tick second by second, but never opened a single problem. Strange. I never ever imagined I would do such a thing. Topcoder was something I really cared about (even though my rating is low at that time and even now), but doing something like that was unimaginable. It was fun to just sit in front of the computer when the contest goes on. People might call it madness, but I really really wish something like that happens again. :-). Anyway, this one was better compared to the other two, one of the reasons being my rating didn’t go down.

The second one happened in Hyderabad when I went to meet Manas before coming to Bangalore. We were at Hyderabad central around 30 minutes before the contest and the travel is surely more than 45 minutes. Now I’m clueless about how to mention the travel from Hyderabad central to Manas’s place, but to give you a rough picture, you can imagine the Roadrash game. Just that we didn’t fall or dash or crash. :D. Thought my 250 failed, I was happy even to play the match after shaken up so much. :D. Man, that was one the scariest rides I can ever remember.

The third one happened just a few days back in Bangalore. Again, I can never imagine doing something like this. Anyway, this is what exactly happened. :). There was a “party” in the next room I was coding. I did the 250. I wasn’t even sure about the 250. In fact, the way I coded it, I was too surprised to see it pass the test cases. Finally, I submitted my 250 and entered the party room. Danced a bit. Yes, this one wasn’t a stupid dance like my previous one. A real proper dance. :-). Then after 5 minutes, came back to the match and saw a probability problem. I called one of my friends from the party room who wasn’t “involved” in the party. He tried to solve it and then suggested me some solution. But I got this devil-may-care attitude from the rest of the people. My 500 didn’t even pass the test cases, but still I submitted it 1 minute before the contest got over. There was no need for me to check the solution. I knew it. Next day morning, I saw my 250 failed. Wasn’t least bothered about it. Played cards and went out to roam around. :D.

I never know which one is I’ll remember longest. Probably all three are too important to remember. ๐Ÿ™‚ One crazy, next one scary and last one all about fun and madness. All three new for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I hope I don’t have any more matches like these. I want my rating to increase and it will. Because now I don’t care about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Nemesis

    Too gud da aadu. The first one especially. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wud luv to add one brilliant match of mine. GCJ india 2 yrs back, final qualification. Under tremendrous pressure to get through, i get up at 4 and go to Octa to play the match. Worst thing is that i already knew the questions of that match since someone had already got that set. Match starts at 4:30 and i sit down n code in the ridiculously cold lab. finish the 250 in some 2 or 3 mins n compile.. error. Try again, try to debug, no use. The fact that its 4:30 is not helping.. half n hour later, give up n move to 500. same thing happens. I’m really frustrated.. Go to 1000.. write printf(“hi\n”) and compile.. same errors. OH no brilliance of brilliance.. i’m tryin to compile a C++ code for Java. Bbye GCJ.. end of story ๐Ÿ™
    Topcoder n GCJ bring out the brilliance in us man.. Dont worry.

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