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The end of internet

The end of internet

Was checking out the settings of google reader and found this quite interesting .

The next bookmark is an innovative way to read your subscriptions. It allows you to use Google Reader through just one link – clicking on it takes you to the next unread item, marking it as read in the process. It is particularly useful for subscriptions which only include snippets or when you want to read an article in context.

But when i clicked the tab i got a page saying
I myself dont believe in end of internet and the page was not the end of the internet , since that page still had a link to some other page . The links said it all

The contents of the page (for those who dont want to go to end of the internet )
The End of the Internet
Congratulations! This is the last page.
Thank you for visiting the End of the Internet. There are no more links.
You must now turn off your computer and go do something productive.
Go read a book, for pete’s sake.

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