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Online Programming Contest Calendar.

Online Programming Contest Calendar.

Hi all,

I’m very happy to present you Online Programming Contest Calendar (http://www.opccalendar.com/). This is something I wanted to do for Spider in college. All I could finish in college was a simple fetcher from algorithmist.com and topcoder.com. Now, I have everything I wanted to have in this new site. And yes, I hated the algorithmist.com calendar. There was so much I wanted to do for that calendar and the result is http://www.opccalendar.com/.

Some of the cool features I like in this site are.

  • Long list of services like Twitter, Google Reader, Google Calendar, Google India SMS Channel, WordPress plugin, Firefox plugin and lots more.
  • Alerts through Email, Orkut and Facebook are on the way.
  • Automated parses for most of the common programming contests.
  • Neat interface.

Things I would like to have in this soon. (Of course, depends on how much time I have to spend on this project)

  • Accounts for each member, where they can choose the alerts they want to have. (probably Google accounts integration)
  • Interface for members to add contests on their own.
  • A simple forum

Any volunteers out there?

There are so many people who helped me in build this site. I guess this is right place to thank them.

Yazhini for helping me with the first prototype of the parser code to fetch from algorithmist.com. Written in C++ and still works cool :)
Vivek for helping me with the text context for this website.
Sindhu and her friends Sathyajith and Gautam for helping me with the ads.
Taggy for giving me webspace in his mediatemple account. Seriously, I should thank this guy for his continuous support with his mediatemple account.
Arvind, Vinod and Prasanna for their feedback during each iteration of this site.

Hope this becomes the one and only place which has all the details about programming contest.

How can you help me promote this site?
1. Keep this site url as GTalk status message. That will really help many many people know about this site.
2. Tell your geek friends about this site.


  1. Prasanna

    how about sharing site traffic graphs, online/public? With interesting stats like the number of people who click on ad-s…
    It’d be a learning experience, personally, to know about the size of this population, that are interested in contests and that which a site captures over time.

  2. Hari – Congrats on kick starting your project. I briefly went through your site and like the concept. I’ll take some time off this weekend and look into it in detail and write a review on my tech savvy blog. And yeah it does feel nice when people do remember and go an extra mile to say thanks for the help.

    All the best for your future projects.

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