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Not going to chaaaat anything about ‘Life is a mystery. Blah blah blah.’ Have realised it’s more than a mystey. The more you try to understand it, the more weirder it gets. 🙂

Have been seeing Prison Break for the past two days. Managed to finish Season 1 and it’s amazing. The way Mike plans things and the way things which can be no way related to each other are amalgamated are unbelievable. Ok now I didn’t name this Mystery to talk about Life or Prison Break. I’ll also write a mystery story here :D.

Ok. Here it goes. Thank god I’m not the hero or the villain in this story. I’m just a normal observer in this story. But since this is my story, all things happen around me. First i am a normal carefree guy. I do have contacts with many people (no, I’m not in mafia :D) . I know all of them very well and get into the good books easily. But some serious things happen around me and i was least bothered about them. I just don’t care about anything and enjoy doing what i do.

Then i was being taught how to be responsible and all. I was taught to think, eat, talk, hear and everything. I realised that I can do things. Now i know things are happening around me. Two person i know don’t like each other. The inferior person tried to get the rights back and obviously the superior didn’t like that. This resulted the superior trying harm the inferior in every chance possible. But even now i care very little about the things happening around me not because i was not ignorant but nothing was related to me. These things happen to me long time back. I was not paying attention to anything and just doing my things.

Now suddenly there is a need for me to know everything. This thing is not the key to the entire puzzle. In fact, there is no mystery here. Just that i feel things might get better if i know what happened, what is happening and what might happen.
There is one dialogue which I loved in Prison Break. Mike uses this very often.
“Trust Me, the lesser you know, the better.”
Hmmmm, yeah it’s true.

I know this story is way different than Prison Break. But can’t copy the same story. Will try to write more on this if i find time. :D. Will have to find who the superior and inferior is, how and when does the superior harm the inferior,from whom and how i learn things, why there is a need for me to find what’s happening around me.

Hmmmm, do i have to find out all these? 😉

Moral of the Story
1. If you know that you know that you can do one thing very well and don’t know about other, never try to experiment. Things you can do very well will never let you down :D. (Yeah, I should stop writing here and go back to coding :P)
2. The lesser you know, the better. Trust that.
3. It takes some n seconds for everyone’s brain to fetch, decode, process and produce the output. For my brain, it is around 2-5 seconds.

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