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My first 30 day challenge.

My first 30 day challenge.

I’m a big fan of Matt Cutts (who isn’t) and especially like his 30 day challenges.

So, I decided probably I can give it a shot for a couple of months.

So, some of the stuff I had in my list are.

1. Learn Hadoop.
2. Read a book every 2 days.
3. Learn a new programming language
4. Go to beach everyday and spend at least 30 mins there..

So, this is what I’m going to try for this month. Sleep properly for a month. I’ve neglected my bad sleeping habits for a very long time and it’s time I try to do something about it.

So, planning to go to bed by 1 AM and not wake up before 6AM.

Let us see how long I can manage this one…


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