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Fscked up coz of coding :P

Fscked up coz of coding :P

Sometime back, taggy showed me Google code search where one can search inside the source code.
And not surprisingly , the first thing he searched in source code was for “fsck” , “bitch”, and “porn” .
Actually both of us were not surprised with the results. Taggy infact went to the extent of creating a graph to compare the occurence of these words in the source code. 🙂

Seems the coders and getting more and more frust when there code does not work and they show all their frust in their source code . Maybe a grep for “fsck” will give more shocking results :P.

If you wann to see the stats of the occurence , check out taggy’s blog here

Some of the strange and nice things which i saw in the search were

1. sofia-sip-1.11.8/libsofia-sip-ua/su/sofia-sip/su_wait.h
#define SU_WAIT_ERR (0) /* fuck this shit */

2. linux-
8: /*
* Wirzenius wrote this portably, Torvalds fucked it up 🙂

3. CGI.pm-3.23/t/lib/Test/More.pm
381: else {
# Can’t use fail() here, the call stack will be fucked.
my $ok = @_ == 3 ? ok(0, $name )

4. twisted/names/authority.py
239: ORIGIN = line[1]
elif line[0] == ‘$INCLUDE’: # XXX – oh, fuck me
raise NotImplementedError(‘$INCLUDE directive not implemented’)

5. includes/htmlarea/plugins/SpellChecker/spell-check-ui.js
36: }
// we should use innerHTML here, but IE6’s implementation fucks up the
// HTML to such extent that our poor Perl parser doesn’t understand it

613: // magic quotes may fuck up file uploads and chunked response processing
$magicQuotes = ini_get(‘magic_quotes_runtime’);

7. Guppi-0.40.3/src/libguppidata/guppi-data-tree.h
40: should be treated as *read-only*. If you change them, you could
really fuck things up. */
typedef struct _GuppiDataTreeNode GuppiDataTreeNode;

8. Acme-Scurvy-Whoreson-BilgeRat-1.1/lib/Acme/Scurvy/Whoreson/BilgeRat.pm
59: ($backend && $backend->isa(“Acme::Scurvy::Whoreson::BilgeRat::Backend::$params{language}”)) ||
die(“For fuck‘s sake, the fucking backend’s fucked”);

48: die(“Read the fucking manual you shitwit and at least use the constructor right!”)
if(!$class || join(”, keys %params) !~ /^(language)?$/);

9. directory_administrator-1.4/src/main.c
48: // diradmin_user * fuck = NULL;
83: gtk_widget_show (mainwindow);
// fuckyou ();

10. src/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/27_io/ofstream_members.cc
88: bool test = true;
const char* strlit01 = “fuck war”;
const char* strlit02 = “two less cars abstract riot crew, critical mass/SF”;

Ofcourse i cannot copy paste all the 32,600 search results here 🙂

So do i swear when i write code ??
Of course i do , even i am a programmer right. While testing the sms code for the spider server, it used to creash often. Though i found out that i have not read the mysql manual properly , this is the source code i wrote to find the error.

cout << “Mysql Connected Successfully\n “;
update_query = Query(“INSERT INTO hari_feedback VALUES (”,’a’,’b’,’c’,’d’,’e’,’f’)”);
cout << “INSERT INTO hari_feedback VALUES (”,’a’,’b’,’c’,’d’,’e’,’f’)”;
cout << “Query Returned ” << update_query << endl;
if (update_query == NULL ) {
cout << “Fuck\n”;

mysql_affected_rows (&sqlHandle);
if (pid == -1)
{ cout << “Query Failed\n”;}
{ cout << “Success\n”;}

And ofcourse a ls in the /tmp folder in the nosip folder shows this


Seems even i am fscked up sometimes when it comes to coding 😛


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