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Forgot the match again?

Forgot the match again?

Do you play Topcoder? If yes, then there might be something for you in this post. If you don’t know what topcoder is, check http://topcoder.com/tc and then come back here.

If you play topcoder, then keeping track of when the next match is a big headache. There are many many people who login to the arena one day before the contest and ask why there is not many playing today. Come on, it is not funny to get up at 5.30 in the morning to know that the match is not today and it is tomorrow. The rest think the match is one day later, who curse themselves, bang their head for missing a match. If you want to forget forgetting 😛 about topcoder matches, follow the simple steps given below.

All you need is a Google Account.

  • Login to google calendars at http://calendar.google.com/
  • Search for “Topcoder” in public calendars. ( By clicking “Search Public Calendars” button). I got some 50 results when I wrote this. This may increase or decrease later. Choose anything from the list (anything from the first 5 will be good enough).
  • Click on the “Add to Calendar” button.
  • Go back to your calendar page. You can see the Topcoder calendar in the “Other calendars”.
  • You need to activate mobile setup by activating your phone number. This takes less than a minute. Give your country and phone number. Google will send you a verification code in 1 or 2 minutes. Type that validation code there and voila, you are done with the mobile setup. 🙂
  • Now click on the “Calendars” tab in the settings page.
  • Click the “Notification” of your new Topcoder calendar.
  • Click the “Add a reminder” to add new remainders.
  • You can have upto 5 remainders for this calendar.

See my notifications page here.
Google Calendar Notification


  1. I was looking for links to google calendars on topcoder’s website a while back. I thought there won’t be any if it’s not linked, so I started adding SRMs to my calendar 🙂

    So this is a good thing, I’ve linked it yo my calendar 🙂

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