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Born A Crime

Born A Crime

Born a crime - Book cover

An amazing book. The story is exciting, a lot of good life lessons to learn and of course, listening to the book in Trevor’s voice. If there is one book which should be read via audible instead of physical book, this must be it.

Top things I recollect from this book.

  1. The result of the freedom from the external force always results in the internal conflicts. The conflict between Tsonga and Zulu is very similar to the freedom of India and how that split India and Pakistan. The whole concept of conquering another country using the concept of “divide and rule” breaks apart when the country gets freedom at the end.
  2. Trevor’s mom is the main superhero in the whole story. There are a lot of places where she acts as a true rebel and that’s so inspiring. From being getting a secretary job, not being confined to rules, deciding to have a kid – she is THE person in this story. What I love about her attitude is to question the rules. If the rule is stupid and doesn’t make any sense, then mock or challenge the rule.
  3. One great learning from the book is to forget the pain. “Don’t let the memory of pain stop you from trying something new.”. If I could take one line from this book forever with me, this could be it.
  4. Another intersting learning – “You down own the thing in your life.” Learning this early in life makes life zen. It is surprising how Trevor had no issues with how the dogs lived their life before they got to know about the other boy.
  5. Last one is the concept of crime. How crime is decided by what everyone around you is doing or not doing. For example, printing movie songs and distributing them in a CD is not considered a crime (even a minor one). Makes me wonder what are all the things we are doing today can be considered as crime 10 or 20 or 50 years later. Probably killing animals to eat them? Or all traffic violations?

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