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Books to read – Q4/18

Books to read – Q4/18

One of the downsides of running a company is that you get caught up with so many problems to solve ‘at this moment,’ that you miss the focus to think long term. Especially one of the things I miss the most is reading books and reflecting on the learnings.

It is easier to take your time off to read books during “peaceful” time of a company. These are the three books I’m planning to read this quarter. 

Given that I’m a first-time founder/manager, there is a constant learning process involved in being a better manager. I’m hoping this will help me do that.
We are implementing the OKR process in our company and have had our challenges in getting this right. I’m hoping this book will help us implement this better.
This is one book I’ve already read, but deserves a re-read again. One of the hardest books to complete, since every chapter deserves a long thought session. 

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