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As strategic as pig…

As strategic as pig…

Looks like my blogs are only about animals now 😛

I’m “working” as a software engineer. I joined two months back, which implies I don’t work at all and just enjoy killing time at office. I meet many new people everyday (in and outside office) and the way they talk is quite funny. One day I happen to hear a girl say to a guy,

“You are as strategic as a pig.”

The first thing I thought when I heard this was “Why pig?”. What makes a pig strategic? I’ve heard ‘as cunning as a fox’ but yeah, there is that crow and the vadaa story to prove that the fox is cunning. Is there any story to prove that a pig can be strategic? I was suprised to imagine a pig thinking of something and coming up with some sort of strategy. I can imagine a pig to be too lazy even to think, forget about coming up with a strategy. I tried googling for this clause but no useful results. Still I have no clue what makes a pig strategic.

Is that statement sarcastic? That looks more probable, though since I was there when she told this, I don’t think she was sarcastic. She actually meant it. Though I don’t know whether it is right to call an employee a pig. That is totally different argument.

Though one thing is for sure. I can never forget this clause. Have thought about this for more than 2 days with no final conclusion. 😛

If anyone has been using this clause for any damn reason, do educate me more on this.

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