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2024 Resolutions

2024 Resolutions

I promised myself that I wouldn’t do a year-end wrap blog post in December. I lived up to the promise.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t write about resolutions, plans, or goals for 2024 and I’m going to fail on that promise. I’ve always believed Jan 1 is yet another regular day in the calendar and it shouldn’t be considered special in any way (the same rule applies for birthday’s too). But truth be told, I’m running out of topics to write a blog and I have to write one for Jan, so here it goes.

I’m going to convince myself that I’m following this rule from Atomic Habits and it is not the lack of topics for this blog post.

How to break a bad habit
Inversion of the 4th Law: Make It Unsatisfying
1. Get an accountability partner. Ask someone to watch your behavior. 
2. Create a habit contract. Make the costs of your bad habits public and painful.

So here are the resolutions/goals/todos for 2024 in no particular order.

  1. Learn swimming
    Cooking, driving, and swimming are probably three life skills one should have. I can drive and Vasudha can cook and that covers for two of the three skills together. Unfortunately, swimming is something both need to know individually, and just one person knowing it is not going to help the other one.
  2. Travel to Denmark
    This has been a long pending task on my list and at this point, I’m not even sure what is stopping me.
  3. Do a trek with Vasudha
    Vasudha completed two treks back to back in 2023 and is planning to do one every quarter in 2024 (talk about quarterly goals). Hoping to join one of them in 2024.
  4. Do more hikes (hopefully every weekend)
    I’m assuming this will happen automatically given this has become a habit.
  5. Operate at the no-excuse zone at work.
    There are lot of “valid reasons” because of which it is getting harder to focus on the real work.
  6. Walk 10k steps per day and 100k per week
    This is a new challenge with some of the other folks in the company. Hoping to get this done in 2024 more often than not.
  7. Find time to read 30 mins per day
    This is something new I’m planning to pick up this year. Learning has been only through audiobooks and this year, hopefully, I’m able to pick up real books.
  8. Stop driving to the office.
    Either hire a driver or start using DriveU daily. Driving in Bangalore is not great for mental health.
  9. Leave the office at 4 PM (and of course, work from home for the rest of the day)
    Working half day in office and half the day at home is probably a good productive hack.
  10. Complete TinyChange notebook every day
    Got this notebook from Ishani as a gift and hoping use this to improve the quality of the life in 2024. This needs a lot of input (updating this everyday).

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